PHOENIX: (602) 906-9600 | PEORIA: (623) 486-1955

Date of Birth: November 01, 1961

Date of Death: November 05, 2020

Derrie overcame many things in her life. “Easy” was never a word that applied to her experience. Dogged-determination, a strong will, and good-ole Lumberg stubbornness, helped her overcome much in her life. Although sighted at birth, Derrie was to lose her sight from a fall and spend the first 40-some years of her life as a non-sighted person. In her late 40s, Derrie suffered a major stroke that removed the blood clot that had blocked her optic nerve, giving her back her sight. The stroke also robbed her of the ability to walk, use her arms, and do basic things like feed herself. Doctors told her that she would never walk again. Telling Derrie something that she wanted to do would be impossible, spurred her into action. She told me once that the physical therapist was always surprised at what a great attitude she had. She told him that, “yes, I am learning how to walk again, feed myself, all of these things, but… I am **seeing** myself do these things!” She truly believed that the stroke was a gift from God because it gave her back her sight. Derrie was very much in search of her roots. Having been raised only by her mother and grandmother, she yearned for a connection with her fathers side of the family. Derrie successfully found her half sister, half brother, and stepmother, as well as the rest of her fathers family, in 2010 and much joy was had by all. Derrie’s faith had always carried her through difficulties that other people were amazed she walked through. In the last few years, Derrie has been involved with her local church of Christ of Latter Day Saints as the Newsletter Coordinator. She also used her talents with to assist people in finding their roots. She was known to take in the clothing of homeless people and make sure that it was clean and dry and folded for them for when they returned. Derrie had a giving heart and, although some questioned her methods, none questioned her intent. Derrie‘s generous heart and giving spirit left us a few days after her 59th birthday. She is preceded in death by her father, Larry Dean Lumberg, and her mother, Joyce “joy” Hendricks, and I’m sure they had a grand reunion when she arrived. She leaves behind many hearts with her church and her family that will miss her unique optimism and opportunities for service.

Service Information

Celebration of life will be held 11/17/2020 at 6pm Arizona time At 3601 E. Shea Blvd and

Contributions This is a group of amazing people, of which Derrie felt blessed to be a part.