PHOENIX: (602) 906-9600 | PEORIA: (623) 486-1955

Date of Birth: August 15, 1943

Date of Death: June 05, 2020

Edna M. Chavez, 76 (August 15, 1943 – June 5, 2020) of Holbrook, Arizona died at Abrazo Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona on Friday, June 5, 2020. Edna was born in Laguna, NM. She was an enrolled Laguna Tribal Member from Laguna Pueblo New Mexico, daughter of John Pino and Lupe Sousea. Her children say their mother was a strong and determined lady, she was always there for them anytime they needed her. She lived a life of hardship and loss, but also a life of joy and love. Edna’s past made her the lady she was today. Edna was a farmer, a DJ, a mechanic, a cook, a caregiver, and a silversmith in her past profession. She did so many things in her life that even she forgot she did them, but the most important thing she ever did was being a mother. Her children said she loved her children with every bit of her heart and when she found Jesus that made her feel complete. She was a mother and a daughter of Christ. Her children and grand kids were her world. Edna was the glue that kept the entire family together through the good time and the bad times. She was the matriarch of their family and her children will miss her very much! Her children say that they learned so much from their mother especially how to be great cooks. They will never forget the “tortillas and potatoes”.

Service Information

She is survived by Gloria (Richard) Gorman of Holbrook, Arizona, who is our oldest sister that instills our mother’s spirit and love. Jacob Warner of Holbrook, Arizona who is the second oldest who takes up our mother’s spirit of determination and artistry. The third oldest Jarvis Chavez of Holbrook, Arizona who like our mom has a loving and childlike spirit that pulls others in, and like our mom he instills her love of mechanics. Leo Chavez of Watervliet, Michigan being the youngest he saw the family struggle but also saw their mother fight to pull them all together and hold them all together. He feels he instills her love of wonder and childlike spirit. Their mother could be grouchy and a little rude at times but then she could be a sweet and very caring woman. She loved frogs and betty boop! Her collection of frogs was her joy because they marked points in her life that made her happy. Her pride and joy were her grand kids, they were the ones who she would move heaven and earth for. Gloria’s boys Richard Jr. (Richie) and Micah grew up with her as she was always in their lives. They knew how she was and that she loved them. Jacobs kids Aaron, Aashia, China, Isaiah and Josiah who knew her just as much, grew up around her as well and, also loved her. Even her step grandkids loved her Trumin Jr. and Trumisha whom she loved as well even though she would get grumpy with them. She loved our brother Jarvis’ kids Owen and Mia who lived with her on and off as much as the other grandkids as well. She gave everything to her grandkids and never asked for anything back just their love. They all were the apples of her eye a couple more than others lol. But that was mom. Our mother will be missed and thought of every day of our lives. She was the heart, soul, and the rock of our family whom we built or lives on. We will all go on knowing she is watching over and loving us. So, if you happen to see a frog jump by, smile it is just her saying hi and she loves you.


This fundraiser and any donation will help go toward Edna’s cremation and funeral service expenses as she did not have life insurance. We created this fundraiser in her memory because of the high cost of the funeral cost and she knew so many people that wanted to help with her final wishes so we thought this would be the best way for them to be able to provide their assistance. Our mom was a loving and caring woman that not only lived everyone but she would help anyone in need if she was able to.