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Date of Birth: March 07, 1939

Date of Death: August 15, 2020

Jerrol Wayne Lewis passed away peacefully at his home with his Daughter and family by his side on Saturday, August 15th, 2020 in Avondale, Arizona. He was born March 7, 1939 to Edgar and Frances Lewis in El Dorado, Kansas. He had one brother Harold Lewis, who married Helen Vacca. Jerrol was the last of his small family, age wise he outlived his Father, Mother, and Brother. He graduated from Lamar High School in 1957 in Lamar Missouri. Moved to California worked for Hunts Cannery. He met and Married Rosemary and had two children, Terry and Julie. He attended Long Beach State, where he received his Bachelors Degree in Engineering/Drafting. He worked in San Clemente, California where he helped build and start up the San Onofry Nuclear Generating Station. Then he moved to Phoenix, Arizona and started up the Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant. He continued around the country in different states helping build and repair Power stations. After retiring he loved playing golf and had more time to do so. Jerrol also loved camping and enjoying the time away up north in the Payson area up on the Mogollon Rim. He is survived by: Son, Terry/Daughter-in-law Shelly Lewis, and Grandson Kyle. Daughter, Julie Lewis Chapa/Son-in-law Marcos Vasquez . Grandson, Daniel & Amber Chapa Granddaughter, Kayla Chapa Grandson, Abram Chapa Grandson, Tyler & Zabdy Vasquez Grandson, Julian Vasquez Three nieces and one nephew: Teresa Lewis Elberson Gayle Lewis Karen Lewis Lee Bruce Lewis Step Daughter/son-in-law: Caroline and Dave Lightfoot Grandson, Bradley Townsend Granddaughter, Brianna Levingston Diana Ikerd Special Memories: One of my favorite memories with Grandpa was a time we went camping. I had woke up in the morning and he was making coffee and I grabbed a Dr. Pepper, he takes a sip of his coffee and he looks at me and says "The Nectar of the Gods." as I crack open my Dr Pepper and I say "Dr's Orders" hahaha! -Daniel Chapa Spending time with Grandpa camping and hitting golf balls into the net he would set up on our camping trips, and listening to all his stories. -Kayla Chapa Spending time with Grandpa learning about engineering, all the stories he would tell about the different places that he went into with hazmat suits on. -Abram Chapa I enjoyed spending time camping with Grandpa and when he would call me bud. -Kyle Lewis My Dads favorite quotes would be "Well none of us are getting out of here alive!" Also when I would ask him, "How are you doing?" He would respond, "Better than Most, worse than some!" To many memories to file on paper, but forever in my heart Daddy. -With all my love, Your Baby Girl, Julie Lewis Chapa

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At this time, we have decided to have a celebration of life at a later date, due to the corona virus.