PHOENIX: (602) 906-9600 | PEORIA: (623) 486-1955

Date of Birth: November 22, 1953

Date of Death: August 25, 2019

Larry was born in Oakland, Ca to Lewis and Dorothy Wilkinson. There were three children, Larry the oldest and two younger sisters. He married his wife Kathy Sealy in July 1981 . He is survived by his wife Kathy, step-daughter Dawn Weis, son-in-law Ken Weis, and sister Lisa Battles, plus 2 grandchildren. He enlisted in the USAF in 1973 as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician (EOD). He liked the excitement and especially the aspect and that he would get to blow stuff up with the explosives as part of the job. He retired in 1995 after spending 22 years doing a job he loved. He was able to travel to many different countries and enjoyed the adventure of it all. As time passed he came to realize the importance that this job was to this country and the military. He had lots of wonderful memories and stories of the job, the people he worked with and enjoyed sharing those moments with others. He was an avid reader and enjoyed history and especially military history and weaponry. He read and watched documentaries about it, spending countless hours indulging in this hobby. He also enjoyed reading science fiction books. He enjoyed hunting with his father and became an enthusiast for shooting sports. He would always assist others to increase their skills to master gun safety and shooting skills. He was an outgoing person who enjoyed people and a fountain of little known facts which he shared with all. He liked all kinds of music from classical to metal. He liked to play bagpipe marches and military songs when he worked outside surprising the neighbors. He marched to his own drummer thru his life. He was a kind, thoughtful and loving husband and father. He had a very unique sense of humor that made life very interesting and fun. He always had a positive attitude about everything. He was not shy and would speak to everyone about anything. We will miss him greatly.

Service Information

A full military honor funeral will be held at the National Memorial Cemetery Of Arizona Phoenix. This will be held on Friday, October 4, 2019 at 11:00 am. This is located at 23029 N Cave Creek Rd, Phoenix, AZ.


In lieu of flowers, the family requests a donation be made to EODWarrior as a tribute donation in memory of Larry Wilkinson. The EOD Warrior Foundation (EODWF) serves the EOD community by providing financial assistance and support to active-duty, retired and veteran EOD Techs and their families. This includes EOD Warriors and their families who have been wounded, ill or injured, families of the fallen, and by maintaining the EOD Memorial.